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Amazability: A Research Activity of the Minerva Brooks Memorial Library, Inc.

The Minerva Brooks Memorial Library, Inc. serves persons with a print-reading handicap. We offer accessible content such as recorded and Braille copies of books, lectures, and other documents.

The Library sponsors a research activity under the name Amazability. Research includes the development of open source or free assistive technology for enhancing reading and related activities.

Projects underway include the preparation of new assistive technology to enhance the reading experience as well as original research in virtual reality techniques to convey shape and texture information.

Thus our active work includes:

  • Preparation of a free sofware version of the Adept1. an assistive technology tool, which can be used for reading email, web browsing, and a variety of other tasks. Electronic books may be accessed from one's own library or retrieved via the web and read in a number of different languages.

  • Research in the use of haptic. or touch techniques. to impart shape and texture information through virtual reality rendering. Illustrations are presented that can be felt in two and three dimensions while the student listens to a verbal description.

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The name Minerva is that of the Roman goddess of wisdom, invention, and the arts. Her Greek counterpart is Pallas Athena whose symbol, representing wisdom, is the owl. Therefore, our emblem or logo is the owl adapted from engravings found on ancient Athenian coins.

Please help out by volunteering. We also welcome your donations. Your physical and financial contributions makes our initiatives possible.

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