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Amazability: A Research Activity of the Minerva Brooks Memorial Library, Inc.

The Adept1 - An Overview

Amazability is researching the Adept1, a new form of voice-enabled universal assistant for those who have disabilities or are otherwise eyes or hands busy. All applications have a common command language and have been developed to work with speech, typing, or both.

You may type or issue verbal commands to navigate and read virtually any type of book or document, access email, and browse the web. You may even type shorthand abbreviations for commands to speed up your activity.

Walter Bender of the Sugar Labs Foundation characterizes devices that can perform major tasks with consistent and straightforward commands and procedures as having "clarity". The Adept1 provides the highest level of clarity in its design for all applications and activities. The Sugar Labs Foundation serves as a support base and gathering place for the community of educators and software developers who want to extend the Sugar platform and create Sugar-compatible applications,

The Adept1, when using voice recognition, can dialogue with you to interpret your commands in order to carry out your tasks. As you work, you hear the highest quality text-to-speech along with any multimedia audio that you may have requested.

You may access your personal library of books and documents. As you open a book the Adept1 determines the language to be spoken - English, French, German, Spanish... and whether or not the text is to be read as a narrative or as technical material. Thus your reading experience is pleasant and fits the material being accessed.

Amazability is developing a Free Software Version of the Adept1 providing universal reading, word processing, email with address book, access to reference works, web browsing, and a personal library capable of holding thousands of books. Voice recognition and text-to-speech are included.

The Adept1, if printers and embossers are available, can be used to produce print hard copy and embossed Braille.

Google Tech Talk

Review a Tech Talk on the Adept1 at Google, Inc. entitled:
Practical Applications of Natural Language Processing in Assistive Technology
A demonstration of the Adept1 is given about half-way through the one-hour talk.

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