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A Free Software Version of the Adept1

The Adept1 has been developed in part with support from the United States Department of Education and has included the design and implementation of a series of applications and activities intended to work with speech. Command interaction may be done with a mix of voice recognition and keyboard input with all activities designed to work in a similar manner with a minimum of voice or keyboard commands needed to carry out complex actions. A word processor, email with address book, a web browser, and an online library of books, reference works, and other items are available. The Adept1 may be used for all types of programming where software can be developed, debugged, and run by those who wish to use the Adept1 as a talking workstation. Review the Google Tech Talk that includes, in the latter half, a demonstration of the Adept1.

The Adept1 is being prepared as free software offered under the terms of the GNU General Public License - GPLv3 as described at The Free Software Foundation website. We are soliciting volunteers whose task would be to complete and add to the free software version. Additional documentation to insure the successful transfer of technology and the future implementation of new features are near term goals. Longer term goals are to implement portable versions of the Adept1 and to provide a port of the technology from Linux to the Windows and Mac OS X environments.

Feasibility studies, focus group activities, and considerable beta testing have been carried out. This has led to the design of a technology that our testers find highly useful. The Adept1 is readily learned and can serve the wider population of persons, whether with disabilities or not, who have little or no technical experience. We hope that, by making the Adept1 freely available, persons with disabilities may be able to obtain assistive technology that works for them.

Those interested in participating in the preparation of the free software version and in forming a support group or who simply have questions should contact us.

For more information, please contact us

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